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Buffalo Wings..Extreme Hot, honey bbq or teriyaki - $9.99

Buffalo Fingers..Extreme Hot, honey bbq or teriyaki - $9.99

Buffalo Shrimp.. Extreme hot, bbq, chipotle bbq or teriyaki - $12.99

Onion Rings.. thick cut and awesome! - $6.99

Beer Battered Mushrooms.. you can't just eat one!! - $6.99

Breadeded Zucchini.. here's your veggie portion for the day!! - $6.99

Mozzarella Sticks.. there's something about melted cheese... - $6.99

Sample Platter.. (Mushrooms, zucchini, Mozz.sticks, O-Rings, Wings and Fingers) - $16.99

BBQ Rib Tips.. south side delicacy goes North Shore… R U ready?? - $12.99

BBQ Turkey Drumstick.. it's Thanksgiving every day at the pit. - $10.99

Half Slab Baby Back the house specialty. - $12.99

Half Slab Athenian Ribs Olive oil, Greek marinade, lemon. - $12.99

Spinach Pie phyllo dough wrapped around melted feta and spinach. - $9.99

Shrimp Cocktail made to order…jumbo shrimp, cocktail sauce, lemon. - $13.99


Greek Salad- feta, olives, pepperocini, tomato and onion with our fresh mixed greens. The best salad in the world. Med. $8.99 Large $11.99

Caesar Salad- Romaine, Croutons, Parmesan and homemade Caesar dressing. $8.99

Iceberg Wedge- A supper club staple. Half head lettuce topped with bleu cheese and bacon. $9.99

Greek Chicken Salad-The great salad topped with a chopped breast of chicken. $15.99

Greek Skirt Steak Salad- The tender steak chopped and topped. $17.99

Greek Gyros Salad The great salad topped with gyros, pita and tzatziki. $15.99

Greek Chicken Finger Salad- breaded tenders chopped and topped. A real sleeper. $15.99

Seafood Greek Salad-Your choice: Salmon or Tilapia topped on our Greek salad. $17.99

Blackened Cajun Caesar Salad Cajun seasoned breast resting on a wonderful Caesar. $15.99

Broiled Caesar chicken breast resting on a wonderful Caesar. $15.99

The Cobb chicken breast, bacon, carrot, and garnish. $15.99



All dinners include Greek Salad, potato or vegetable and homemade breadbasket. Iceberg wedge $2.00 extra. All of our BBQ items are the house specialty.

Baby Back Ribs- Our signature Rib. Meat does not fall off the bone!!
Full $24.99 Half - $16.99

St. Louis Spare Ribs- For the traditional rib lover. Not as lean as baby back, but tasty with brisket ends.
Full - $24.99 Half - $16.99

The Memphis – Dry rub Spare Ribs seasoned and prepared without sauce. This is Sally's Brother. Full Only - $24.99

Sally’s Remembered - Dry rub Baby Backs seasoned and prepared without sauce. Western Ave alive again. Full Only - $24.99

Dem Beef Bones - Meaty short ribs served medium well. Tender and Tasty!! - $24.99

Rib Tips- A south side delicacy. Chewy, very fun to eat. For those who love to dig and explore. - $19.99

BBQ Texas Brisket- Cooked low and slow. Served with apple sauce. - $20.99

Pork Chops - Two Chops, very lean. Served with apple sauce. - $21.99

Skirt Steak - We're proud of this steak. A customer favorite. Topped w/ grilled onion. - $24.99

N.Y. Strip - 22 oz. our famous sauce basted on top. Bone-In. - $33.99

Boneless Breast - Harrison Poultry prime breast. 12 oz and cooked to order. - $14.99

Half Chicken - Harrison Poultry range free and so juicy. $3.00 extra for white meat only. - $13.99

BBQ Alaskan Salmon - Charbroiled on our grill with our bbq seasoning. Have a sweet potato with this. - $19.99

Rib/Chicken Combo - Want the best of both worlds? You’ve arrived. - $24.99

Rib/Chop Combo - For the aristocrat in the group. A great choice!! - $24.99

Rib/Shrimp Combo - Our version of surf and turf - $24.99


Baked Potato
Sweet Potato
Cole Slaw
Baked Beans


All dinners include Greek Salad or Iceberg Wedge or soup, potato or vegetable and homemade bread basket.
Will cook to your liking. All meats aged.

Prime Cut 22 oz. Bone-In Rib Eye - $33.99

Prime Cut 22 oz. K.C. Strip - $33.99

Prime Cut 22 oz. T-Bone - $33.99

Skirt Steak - topped with grill onion. - $24.99

Pork Chops - cooked medium welll. - $21.99


Most dinners include Greek Salad, Greek potato or vegetable and homemade breadbasket. Iceberg wedge $2.00 extra

Half Greek Chicken - Baked with lemon, garlic and seasonings. - $14.99

Athenian Baby Back Ribs - full slab with lemon, spices and marinade. Delectable!! - $24.99

Chicken Shish-Ka-Bob - 2 skewers of chicken, green pepper, cherry tomato, onion and mushroom a bed of orzo. - $19.99

Greek Boneless Breast - Chargrilled with lemon, garlic and seaoninngs. - $14.99

Greek Pork Chops - Two chops cooked with traditional Greek seasoning. Tender - $20.99

Skirt Steak - 17oz. cut charbroiled with lemon, olive oil and spice. - $24.99

Gyros Platter - The Greek staple. Lamb/Beef mix served with onion ,tomato, pita and tzatziki sauce. - $15.99

Spinach Pie & Medium Greek Salad - eat lite and still be satisfied. - $16.99


All dinners include Greek Salad or Soup, potato or vegetable and homemade bread basket. Iceberg wedge $2.00 extra.

Deep Fried Shrimp - 14-15 med.large breaded shrimp. Golden and very tasty. - $20.99

Garlic Jumbo Shrimp - sautéed with butter and garlic. - $21.99

Baked Alaskan Salmon - Seasoned lightly and baked. Very tender. - $20.99

Tuna Steak - 8 oz. tuna steak topped with grilled onion. Cooked medium to well only. - $15.99


All sandwiches come with french fries or
sweet potato fries by request and cole slaw.
Baked Potato or Sweet Potato or Vegetable
available for $1. Many of these sandwiches are heart healthy

Da Burger...10 oz ground sirloin
cooked to your liking. Served w/lettuce
and tomato. Add on .50 each, cheese, bacon,
grilled onion, mushrooms

B.B.B...same as above served on Bavarian black rye and a slice of raw onion.

Turkey Burger Healthy, tasty, tender & juicy. Hand Packed.

Veggie Burger Served with a side of ranch.

The Chicken Sammy 8oz breast prepared BBQ, Broiled, or Teriyaki

BBQ Rib Sandwich boneless rib, juicy and tender

BBQ Hot Link spicy sausage served with our hot bbq sauce.

Pulled Pork cooked in our homemade BBQ sauce. Lean and tender.

BBQ Texas Brisket cooked low and slow!! Our #1 seller!!

Skirt Steak a north shore staple. Topped with grilled onion on French roll

Petite N.Y. Skirt Steak on Garlic Bread

Buffalo Chicken breaded fingers with hot buffalo sauce. Served w/ bleu cheese and dressing.

The Big Tuna filet of tuna cooked medium to well. Topped with our Greek dressing.

BBQ Hot Link spicy sausage south side style topped w/grilled onion.

Shish-ka-Bob on Pita chicken or steak served with hummus. Will melt in your mouth.

Gyros lamb/beef mix with tzatziki ,onion & tomato.


All kids’ meals include choice of milk or soda and French fries or vegetable. All meals are $6.99
10 years and under, please.

¼ BBQ Chicken
Hamburger or Cheeseburger
Chicken Fingers
Hot Dog


Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Sprite
Lemonade, Iced-Tea, & Milk.
Fountain Refills are free.
Root Beer charged per bottle, no free refill.

Coffee & Hot Tea …………. $1.99
(We have de-caf in both)

Beer, Wine and Fine Spirits offered on our drink menu.